Founded in 2006 as a 501(c) 3 non-profit incorporated in the State of Texas, the Fayetteville Chamber Music Festival has enjoyed the support of volunteers, individual patrons, corporations and grant-making organizations including the Barbro Osher Pro Suecia Foundation and the Swedish Council of America.


Artistic Director  Håkan Rosengren
General Manager  Katherine Powers

Board of Directors
President  Critz Cullen
Vice President   Susan Kuehler
Treasurer   Pam Doty
Secretary   Katherine Powers  

Board Members
Joanne Anderson
Lynda Kouba Cushing
Frank Raymond 
Bryan Ueckers

Advisory Council
Jerry & Jeanette Brown
Spencer & Liz Cubage
Karen Cullen
Stephen Cushing
Neal & Pam Doty
Wayne & Grace Fruge
Christine Hallman
Dave & Denna Hardin
Frances Harris
Dr. Larry & Mary Ann Hatfield
Clovis & Maryann Heimsath
Jerry & Joan Herring
Tom & Suzanne Hill
Sally Isenberg
Sherman Macdaniel
Gary & Lynn Martin
Kay Martin
Rebecca Mayer
Bob & Carolyn McCrory
Wayne & Leslie Penello
Heather Raymond
Jean Raymond
Tony Scanapico
Mary Stanhope
Art Stokes
Dave & Linda Tibolla
Gerald & Debbie Tobola
Karen Vernon
Lucila Weishuhn
Jeanne Weiss



The growth and expansion of Fayetteville Chamber Music

In 2006, the Fayetteville Chamber Music Festival began a series of intimate chamber music concerts featuring world-class musicians from across the United States and Europe.

The first Festival was held in May 2007 at both The St. Paul Lutheran Church and The Country Place Hotel in Fayetteville. Featured musicians that year included Artistic Director Håkan Rosengren (internationally-acclaimed soloist and recording artist), James Dick (world-renowned pianist and Founder and Director of the International Festival-Institute in Round Top), highly sought-after pianist Michelle Schumann and the award-winning Chiara String Quartet. The first Festival set several traditions in place: open rehersals, a night featuring Czech music, enthusiastic audiences in cozy venues and the opportunity for the concert attendees to commune with the musicians in after-concert parties.

In 2009, the Fayetteville Chamber Music completed the purchase of the Baca Steinway piano through its Eighty-Eight Key Fund fundraising effort. We continue to honor the contributions of the original group of individuals and families who supported this important effort.

Today, The Festival has initiated its BACA PIANO PRESERVATION FUND to underwrite the care and maintenance of this fabulous instrument. Please consider membership in this important fund and enjoy the recognition that comes with your membership, for years to come, in Festival programs and on this website. 

Eighty-Eight Key Fund

Tom & Suzanne Hill
Doug & Anne Mitchell

Flo Baca
Sherman & Kendall Macdaniel

Kathleen & Frank Johnston
Gary & Margie Leach
Wayne, Leslie & Sarah Penello
Katherine Powers & Håkan Rosengren
David, Heather & Marshall Raymond
Frank & Jean Raymond
In Memory of Frank Raymond III
Julie Robertson

Lynda Kouba
Russell Miller & Charlotte Meyer

Brooks Anderson
Joanne Anderson
Michael Anderson
Louise Anzalone
Jerry & Jeanette Brown
Mike & Linda Clann
Spencer & Elizabeth Cubage
Critz & Karen Cullen
Fayetteville Bank
Neal A. & Pamela H. Doty
Wayne & Grace Fruge
In Recognition of John Ginter
Larry & Mary Ann Hatfield
Clovis & Maryann Heimsath
Sally Isenberg
In Honor of Rick Rowley
Ronny & Kathleen Kramr
Sherman Macdaniel, Jr.
Anne Macdaniel Mitchell
Sara Macdaniel Bell
Audrey M. Mallette
Gary & Lynn Martin
Bernard F. & Carla F. Morrey
Rigby & Lucinda Owen
Angie Orsak & Steve Pavlicek
Evan & Mary Quiros
Peter Raymond
Rincon Del Cielo
Margareta Rosengren
Art Stokes
Nanako Urase
Luis Amadeus Vallejo
Robert & Margaret Vance
Mort & Jeanne Weiss